Small Apothecary Jars


If you’re looking for apothecary jars in smaller sizes then you’ve definitely come to the right place. But what can be defined as small? We made a selection from all of our jars and made this list of the ones that we consider small. They differ from 1 inch to about 5-6 inches, but there are so many more jars to choose from which sometimes aren’t much bigger. So before you decide to buy it’s worth checking out our other products too (click here to view all of our jars).


Why Choose A Small Jar?

Small apothecary jars have the advantage of being a little what we call ‘background’ decoration. They don’t always stand out that much and won’t always get noticed immediately. Choosing a small jar might be a good choice if you don’t have a big living room, kitchen or bathroom. Especially if you intend to use it functionally (and not so much as a decorating object) then having a couple of small jars is probably a better choice than one big one. Storing spices can be very helpful, but maybe you don’t want the jar(s) to dominate your kitchen. Or if you have a small bathroom you want to decorate then small jars can be exactly what you need.


Stuff To Consider

Some jars come in a set and some are sold separately. Think of how many jars you need and try to find out if there’s a big difference in the price you pay. Sometimes a combination of the same jars will do the trick (like in your kitchen), or sometimes you might prefer different jars to create a cosy atmosphere at home. In our sets section you can find out more about the possibilities (though they are not all considered as small). You’ll notice that quite a lot of the products on that page come with jars in different shapes. Usually the jars we show you don’t come with the fillings that are used in the pictures. But it can be a good inspiration. Many people like to decorate their bathroom by filling their jars with sand or candles (or even floating candles).


The Verdict

We absolutely love the small apothecary jars since they can be both functional and not too appealing. And if you want to brighten up your bathroom then they’re also a great choice. To decorate your living room however maybe it’s better not to choose a very small one. There are medium sized jars available too (or even large ones) that will come to their rights much better in bigger areas. We provide a link with every jar for you to read more on the website of the company that sells them. You can also continue your search on their website to find out if there are related products available. We are adding new products to our website on a regular basis so come back every now and then to check them out.

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