R2D2 Cookie Jar

R2D2 Cookie JarWho doesn’t know R2D2? Probably one of the most popular robots on our planet! After playing in all of the Star Wars movies the character image has been applied to thousands of different products. So we had to add this one to our collection of jars! We even ordered one ourselves as a collectors item.

The R2D2 cookie jar is built from high quality ceramics. By removing the head you open the jar and because of the rubber seal your cookies will stay enjoyable for a very long time. If you order the jar it will arrive in a nice gift box (see image below) which is great fun for a birthday present for example. Do you know someone who’s a Star Wars fan? Or are you one yourself? Then probably this R2D2 Cookie Jar is a must-have for you! We offer two other Star Wars cookie jars: If you prefer the Death Star cookie jar then go click here or if you prefer a Darth Vader cookie jar then click here. More information and where to buy is added below.

R2D2 Cookie Jar Product

More information about the R2D2 Cookie Jar

The jar dimensions are 7.6 x 4.9 x 11.6 inches. From the inside however (the actual space for your cookies) we measured a hight of about 7.5 inches and a diameter of about 4.5 inches. But even though it’s quite smaller from the inside than the outside it still can hold quite an amount of cookies. With this jar it’s not only about the space it holds, it’s more about the coolness. People will definitely notice it as it really does stand out! Shipping weight is around 2.9 pounds and Amazon sells it for $ 49.99 (we added a link below for you to check it out). This includes free shipping.

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