Plastic Apothecary Jars


Even though most of the apothecary jars are made out of glass, there are some made out of plastic as well. The choices are a little limited as glass looks way better and therefore sells better too. But don’t worry because we have a nice selection of Plastic Apothecary Jars for you to have a look at. Some even almost look as if they were made out of glass!

The advantage of plastic is that your jars won’t immediately break when they fall down. In case you have kids in your house then maybe plastic is a good idea. The common material used for these jars is acrylic, which in fact is a glass-like plastic. Just to clear thing up a little for you! Maybe you have already found the perfect jar for your home decor, but if not then also check out our other jars. Maybe you’ll change your mind from the plastic to the glass as there is way more to choose from. Just make sure you place them in a secure place that your kids can’t reach for. If however you stay with the plastic ones then check out our gallery above. We will give you the most important details and if you’re still interested then follow the link to get to learn more. Jars aren’t the cheapest product to buy online so we advise you to just take a couple of minutes to make a good decision. You can in fact return most of them, but maybe it’s better to avoid that and go for a hole in one! Customer reviews also seem to help out a little, but the thing with jars is that there’s no arguing about taste. So set your own path and enjoy your jar!

We hope our website will give you a good start with your search. There’s a perfect jar for everyone out there, you just got to have to find it! is a great and fun way to start exploring as we categorized our jars to give you a better understanding and an easier search. In case you have any questions or comments please let us know. We don’t own all of these jars, but have quite a lot ourselves so the least we can do is tell you the basics. It’s our pleasure to help you and spread the word online!


Other Categories

Besides the Plastic Apothecary Jars there’s way more on the market than you think. For instance take a glimpse at our cheap jars, glass jars, small jars and vintage jars. The new trend is to buy jars in sets so yeah we offer lots of those as well. Take care and enjoy your jar, and if you feel like it like us on the social networks so we can continue to grow our website.

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