Owl Cookie Jar



Owl Cookie Jar

Probably one of the most appealing jars on our website are the owl cookie jars! The main reason for this is their absolute brilliant individual designs. They can be both adorable and a fantastic eye-catcher at the same time. People will notice them, and the best part is that everybody loves owls. They are cute, silent, interesting and above all fascinating. And so is your jar! Because we like them so much we added this special gallery page to our website so you get an idea of what we are talking about. And to understand if the owl jars are something for you too.

There are about 200 different species of owls, each and every one with different colors and sizes. They hunt for small animals and have a great ability to locate them by turning their heads up to 270 degrees! The big eyes are nicely used in the jar designs, which make them adorable. Some are decorated like the halloween owl jar that comes with a funny witch hat. Another great detail you should pay attention to is that some of the owls are painted by hand so none of them are exactly the same. Take this ceramic jar for example, someone has actually taken the effort to add the colors to it in person! Now owls in wildlife usually aren’t as colorful as the pained jars, but that’s what makes them so beautiful and unique. Whilst owls usually don’t want to be noticed in the forest, the above products have the intention to draw everyone’s attention immediately.

You may consider to get one to store your cookies in, however why not use them for other stuff. Like a certain collection that you possess and don’t know where to store. Or free gifts for your customers that come to your office. You can use them for whatever reason you can think of. Lots of people also buy them as a gift for friends and relatives. Like for example on a birthday or at a wedding. Kids also love them which could unfortunately result in eating too much cookies. Cheer up your kitchen or living room with these colorful items and add that finishing touch to your home decor!


A little more information

Each and every owl cookie jar mentioned above has it’s own details. You can read more about them by simply clicking on the one that tickles you most. We give you the size, material and interesting facts that you should know about before you buy. You can read even more by following the check it out button. There you can also get to know if additional shipping costs will be billed or not (that often depends on the price). If you want to know more about owls then you can read this article. Now if you’re having doubts then please make sure to also visit our Disney Jars as these are also brilliant. Especially if you have kids. Hopefully you enjoy browsing through our website and we even hope that you will come sometime. We’re adding new products regularly so if you are interested you know where to find us!



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