Glass Apothecary Jars

Welcome to our selection of glass apothecary jars. Even though most of today’s jars are made from glass we decided to create this category page to help you out a little bit. We excluded the plastic/acrylic and ceramic/stoneware jars on here. Have a look at the above gallery and hopefully there’s something you like. You can scroll to the next page with the blue arrow.

As you can see above you have the possibility to choose a single jar or a whole set (containing 2 or even more jars). That way you most certainly have a set for your home that creates a perfect match. But off course if you fall in love with a specific jar you can get as many as you want. It’s our goal to help you find the perfect jar(s) as the internet has so many jars to choose from. That’s why we at created this website to clear things up a little. In our menu you can search for a specific group making it even easier for you. We’re adding new jars regularly so come back when you feel like it.

In our opinion glass jars are the best option you have. Glass creates that shiny and fresh look and will keep it’s brightness over years. The alternative is a plastic jar (often referred to as acrylic since acrylic is a glass-like plastic). Or you can choose a ceramic jar of which you will find a lot in our Disney section. Everyone has his or her own taste so we cannot tell you which one is ‘good’ or ‘bad’. There’s something to say about each and every jar so you better do some research yourself in stead of buying what everyone else is buying. Glass jars are meant to last for years to come, and if you take just a little care of them you are most certainly going to love them. Add that finishing touch to your home decor and store your candies, cookies, food or even spices in a stylish way!


Things to keep in mind

Glass Apothecary Jars will keep their shiny effect if you wash them by hand. You won’t need to do this on a weekly basis, but every now and then would be a good idea. Some manufacturers claim that you can place them in your dishwasher, which probably has to be true, but still why take the risk. Like we mentioned before glass is the best choice if your main goal is decoration. However they are fragile compared to plastic. So if you have young children think again and maybe also check out the plastic jars. Whatever you choose, good luck and leave a comment whenever you feel like it.

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