Death Star

Star Wars Death Star Cookie Jar

death star cookie jarFor all Star Wars fans out there the Death Star cookie jar is a superior weapon of choice to extend their home decor. Where the Death Star is capable of destroying an entire planet, this ceramic cookie jar possesses powerful forces of pulling your hand inside the darkness. If not for yourself, the Death Star cookie jar is an excellent gift for all Star Wars fans to tickle their happy minds and to further extend their Star-Wars-themed home decor.


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The success of Star Wars has proven that this is a timeless cookie station and will likely travel quite some light years. The Death Star cookie jar is made from high quality ceramics and comes with a well fitted lid to preserve your cookie of choice and to keep them enjoyable for a long time. The inside capacity for your cookies appears huge due to it’s spherical shape and can hold quite some amount of cookies. This jar however is not about the space it holds. Similar to the R2D2 Cookie Jar it’s more about the coolness. It wil be noticed in every home decor as it does stand out on every counter top. Amazon sells it for $59.99 (we added a link below for you to check it out). This includes free shipping.

death star cookie jar opened



The jar dimensions are 12 x 12 inches. A whole lot of cookies will fit inside, but like we mentioned before it’s just cool to have this jar on your desk even if you don’t use it for cookies. Maybe you have small gifts you give to your customers, like mints, just imagine the smile on your customers faces! Shipping weight is around 10 pounds and prices start at $59.99


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