Apothecary Jar Set


On this page we show you some of the nicest jar sets that we have found on the web. Most of the sets come with 3 pieces, however you can set your preferences to the amount of jars in the menu (or click here for sets of 2, sets of 3, sets of 4 or sets of 5+). We selected all kinds of jars like elegant, antique, vintage and even some more appealing ones (like the Halloween style). Just browse for yourself to check if there’s something that fits your interior or taste. We’re adding new products to this page regularly so be sure to come back every now and then.


Why choose a set?

First of all most of the sets have a couple of jars that match but aren’t exactly the same. For decoration for example this will add an extra dimension to your living room or bathroom. Having the same jars in one location often takes away the elegance they try to create. Especially if you have a smaller room, like your bathroom, then probably going for a set of different jars will give you that finishing touch. In your kitchen it probably won’t matter that much if you use them to keep things tidy and organized. An apothecary jar set can be quite cheaper than buying a couple of single jars, so make sure to compare prices before you buy.



Most of the sets we show you are made out of glass. It’s the most common material and surely the prettiest. Glass can be etched to give it that vintage look, or sometimes it can be mixed with silver to give it that extra glow (like the Mercury Glass). Some are even glass blown, meaning that they are personally made by a glassblower using molten glass and a blowpipe (if you’re interested here’s a video where they make a glass pumpkin using this technique). There are some acrylic jars out there as well, which could be a good choice if you’re anxious to break your glass jar. But if you don’t care too much about breaking it then definitely go for the glass ones. They are way prettier!


Which one should I get?

It’s pretty much up to you. Every home is different, people’s taste is different, just go for the ones that get your attention and will suit the room you intend to place them in. Maybe you have a budget or maybe you just want to use them on occasions like christmas or halloween. Just click through a couple of the images and you should find out sooner or later. An apothecary jar set is something you usually buy for the long term so take your time and don’t just buy something. We provide a link with each set so you can check out more details and see from there if you want to order or not. You can even read customer reviews if that helps.


We hope you enjoy our website and maybe come back to check if there are new products available. You can follow us on some of the biggest social networking sites where we update new products too. If you feel like it you can also leave a comment here or on any other page to help other customers (your e-mail will be hidden and we promise no single e-mail or spam or whatsoever). Good luck and enjoy your apothecary jar set!

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