Antique Apothecary Jars

From all the jars on our website, we decided to add the antique apothecary jars category so you can narrow your search more easily. So if this is the category you are looking for then look no further. We offer some really fantastic antique style jars that you can check out yourself. Also, we give you the most important details like the material, the size and the price. If after that you are still interested then you can check them out, read more or even order.

Lots of jars are made from glass but as you will discover there are quite some porcelain, steel or even stone products available. Just choose whatever fits your home best or what looks the nicest to you. Glass can be fresh and shiny, but in the antique style you might end up with a porcelain or stone item. Different materials give a different antique look to the jars which makes them very interesting objects to lighten up your room. There should be something for every budget as these jars are available from $16.00 up to $276.04! We especially love the oriental jars ourselves of which we offer a few on here too. But taste is different so enjoy our products and make your own decision. With the categories we try to keep an overview as our collection of jars is expanding rapidly. Therefore it can be hard to keep things organized. But this way we hope we can keep things as simple as possible.

All of our jars are shipped to your front door in a securely packed box. Sometimes shipping costs will apply but you will come across these details yourself in the order process. Amazon usually adds shipping costs on orders below $35.00. If this is the case you can either just pay for them or simply add another cheap product to your shopping cart. Maybe that way you can exceed the 35 dollar limit. Whatever you do or choose, enjoy your jar to the fullest!


There Is More

Besides the antique apothecary jars there is way more to take a look at on this website. For instance we have the glass jars, the jars sets or even some fun Disney cookie jars. Jars are excellent gifts for a birthday or a wedding, and together with the cookie jars there is something for almost all ages! Comments are always welcome either below or on the page of a specific product.

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